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We're offering a range of Bollywood celebrity escorts in Mumbai and some South Indian actress escorts for fun. These escorts are very elite and very high-class girls. So, they're very punctual.

Celebrities are not always available for escort services. You have to fix an advance appointment with them. We need at least two or three days pre-notice for celebrity. After we fix an appointment with your desired celebrity then you have to take only reputed or recommended five-star hotels then we will confirm you’re booking details with hotels. And the celebrity would directly contact you at the given time and will reach at your room on her own.

How can you have a celebrity at your bed?

That celebrity big shot work usually happens among old clients because they trust us and we trust them. In case of Celebrity escort service, you have to give almost all payment in advance. Most of the time new clients never gives instead they waste lots of time. But we can help you to find a perfect match in the celebrity category.

For any kind of query or inquiry regarding celebrity escorts, you have to deposit or transfer twenty thousand Indian rupees in our account and you should contact us on the telephone. These 20,000/ will adjust in your all pay for your selected celebrity.

Avail a celebrity for Escort Services

Once your booking is confirmed that confirmation always comes after payment. Then it can't be canceled. In case that you’re not able to take service then your money is not refundable. We can not return your money because it is already paid to her and never ask her to return it.

Bollywood Celebrity Escorts